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The Service You Deserve, The Support You Demand

Every one of our technicians are trained and accredited. We have invested in great people, ongoing training and a diversity of skills to make sure that we can provide you with a better service experience.

Our commitment to training and education is absolute and we extend this commitment to you and your employees.

We don't just sell equipment, software and services, we instruct in their usage and troubleshoot when needed. Our ongoing, internal education program ensures that our people remain current to serve you better. Furthermore, our technicians are incentive driven, earning bonuses based on uptime, response time and recall ratios, among other variables.

The upshot? Greater speed and accuracy.

Real-Time Communication


  • A friendly member of our support staff answers calls during business hours, not an automated voice.

  • We endeavour to respond to each service call within 30 minutes to provide an ETA.

  • Customers can place service calls online.

Directors take Support Seriously


  • Every director is available at any time to you, our client, whenever you feel we can improve or assist.

  • It can be frustrating when things don't go to plan. We are prepared to come and see you to work out the right solution.

Superlative Support


  • 100 percent manufacturer-trained technicians

  • Good parts availability in every tech's mobile inventory

  • 3-hour, onsite response time thanks to zoned technicians

  • 1/2 hour callback policy

  • Real-time technician dispatch

Unmatched Maintenance

We back every product we sell and solution we suggest with a strong commitment to maintenance, which includes parts, labor, supplies, toners and drums.

  • More than R1 million of replacement parts are in stock at all times.

  • We maintain a fleet of loan units for customers when we have to remove a machine to our workshop for repairs.

  • Using state-of-the-art software, we track usage in key copiers and can suggest ways to lengthen print life.

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